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Captain Lindsey and Staff




A Historic Rockland Residence

The Lindsey Guest House is currently owned and managed by innkeepers Raleigh and Eric, Rockland transplants who were drawn to the area’s unique and historic charm and proximity to tons of sites and destinations throughout the MidCoast region. 


Over the years, The Lindsey Guest House has played host to a local tavern and inn, as well as The Camden & Rockland Water Company, and in 1995 was renovated to house the current guest rooms you see today and an accompanying restaurant. Originally built in 1835, the inn was first home to Captain George Lindsey. 


Who Is Captain Lindsey?  

When John Lindsey purchased 100 acres of land in downtown Rockland for a mere $33, his son George built a family home. After living in the home for several years, Lindsey undertook the project of expanding his personal residence into a local tavern and inn and livery stables in 1839. The expansion of the property was primarily completed by Lindsey, who hauled materials, burned lime, and made the bricks himself. A few years later, Lindsey sold the Inn to T.B. Severance. 

The Property

While the property served as a private residence for some twenty years, it’s history as an Inn and hospitality center has been much longer. After taking over the property from Cpt. Lindsey in 1857, T.B. Severance maintained the property as an inn, filling the 25 rooms for $1.50 a night, for some time. 


In the 1920s the Inn suffered damage from a fire and the top floor was removed. Shortly after, the property was purchased by The Camden & Rockland Water Company with major renovations to the facade in 1923. The property was primarily used as office space after the purchase.  


In 1994, the property fell under the ownership of two modern-day sea captains, Ken and Ellen Barnes, who undertook a massive renovation to update the property and re-establish it as an inn.

Lindsey House 1800s
Lindsey House 1900s
Lindsey House 1990s
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